Maysville Fraternals

Maysville Fraternals Maysville Fraternals

Fire Company #1, Maysville.
left, The Kinney Mack Fire Truck was put into use Oct. 28, 1910.
Read about its coming our party here.


Maysville Fraternals Maysville Fraternals Firemen
Maysville Firemen, 1945  Police Force, on Court Street M. C. Russell Store in the background. From a Facebook post by Butch Harding


City Hall and Fire Dept.

City Hall and Fire Department, 1969


Fire Truck

First Presbyterian
Dressed up for a parade
from a Facebook post by Moira Buckley McManus

Maysville Fire Department, 1935


Fire & Opera House Maysville Fraternals Maysville Fraternals Maysville Fraternals
Washington Opera House
 and Fire Department
“Kinsey Mack” Fire
Fighters & Opera House
A little background is here.
The first motion picture shown in Maysville was shown here, October 12, 1908.



1947. The Maysville Fire Department sits in Washington, waiting to escort the state campion Maysville Bulldogs back to Maysville.


“Maysville has the amateur operatic craze, with a strong inclination toward The Pirates
of Penzance
.” The Courier-Journal, February 25, 1885
A few words on the origins of the Washington Fire Department are here.

 This was the second Opera House in Maysville, the first burned on Sunday, January 30th, 1898.

“Maysville, Ky., Jan. 30.---Maysville was visited to-day by the most destructive fire in the history of the city. The Washington Opera House and the Mason County Library Building, full of rare books and historic relics, were burned, and a number of business houses were more or less damaged. The total loss will approximate $50,000.” New York Times, January 31, 1898

Washington Opera House (pdf) is on the National Register of Historic Places. A 1910 history of the Maysville Fire Department is here.
Let us note here that most county seats had an opera house, and virtually none of them were used for opera.
They were public auditoriums meant for all sorts of high-brow and low-brow entertainments.
Maysville's Neptune Fire Company organized in 1851. We note it's organized as company #2.

What traveling companies were told about
Maysville's Washington Opera House, in 1901,  is here.


Fire Boxes

Location of Maysville Fire Alarm Call Boxes.
What's a fire alarm call box? Wikipedia knows.
From a Facebook post by John Henderson, who takes the Fifth Amendment on whether or not he ever pulled one as a teenage prank.

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