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Joseph Desha Pickett
More about him at this site.
Chuck Connors
More about him at this site.
Anna B. Hewins, The Lady Dentist


Hunter Hunter Hunter
Maysville's George T. Hunter.

Mason Line

Mason County, Kentucky  Mason County, Kentucky

Maysville's own Rosemary Clooney, and some relative of hers.

You won't find information on the Clooneys on Northern Kentucky Views, because,
seriously, we found 668,000 pages and 72,000 pictures of Rosemary indexed by Google.
We didn't even look up George.  We think the Information Age has the Clooneys sufficiently
 covered without any further input from us; there's no disrespect or slight intended.


Henry Wadsworth Henry Wadsworth Henry Wadsworth Henry Wadsworth
Henry Wadsworth (June 18, 1903 – December 5, 1974) was an American actor who was born in Maysville and graduated from Maysville High School. The lady on the left is Carole Lombard (Wikipedia) ; the lady on the right is Covington's own star, Una Merkel (Wikipedia). Wadsworth's Wikipedia page.

Mason Line

Mason County, Kentucky     Mason County, Kentucky
Maysville's Augustus Everett Willson (October 13, 1846 – August 24, 1931) was the 36th Governor of Kentucky. A local piece on him from 1910 is here, his Wikipedia page is here.     This is Maysville's John Chambers, prominent Maysvillian and later Territorial Governor of Iowa. There's a lot of stuff about his early Kentucky days, in his biography, here (pdf) but please note the number of pages before you try to print it.  His Wikipedia page is here.


Mason County, Kentucky

Mason County Historian Jean Calvert

An appreciation of another noted Mason County historian, Edna Best, is here. (pdf)
reprinted from the Mason County Genealogical Society's newsletter

Mason Line

Mason County, Kentucky Maysville's Sgt. John S. Darrough
Washington's Robert Desha Morris; more on Morris is here.

Maysville's Sgt. John S. Darrough is an early recipient of the Medal of Honor.  Read more about him at this site.


German POWs

Maysville housed some German prisoners in WWII at Wald Park. More about them in Maysville is here. All told, the US had 425,000 German prisoners in the US, in over 700 locations. A mere 1% tried to escape, and it was estimated that only 10%-20% were “hard core” Nazis. Read more about German POW's in the USA at Wikipedia.

Mason Line


Reese Wallingford, Frank Carrigan, and Bill Kincaid in front of Wallingford's store on Carmel St., c. 1912



Sometimes referred to as the Benjamin Franklin of the West, Mayslick's Daniel Drake (Wikipedia) was one of the most important voices in pre-Civil War Cincinnati. His autobiography - Pioneer Life in Kentucky, 1785-1800 - is a good read:



Andrew M. January, and the Road to Lexington

Andrew M January Mrs. Andrew January Aaron Corwine
Edna Talbott Whitney's Portraiture of Kentucky's Ante-Bellum Period discussed three portraits featuring these three Mason Countians.  Each is a pdf.


Born and buried in Maysville, noted Kentucky historian Richard Collins practiced law for a while in Covington.
More about him at this site. The state evidently tried to cheat him on his history book, here.
Last and absolutely not least, his book is on line at this site.

The 1878 Biographical Encyclopedia of Kentucky  had these entries for folks with a Mason County connection (all are pdf's)
A. H. Corwine      Prof. O. Beatty      C. A. Marshall      E. C. Phister      W. E. Glover      T. H. Soward     
Gen. A. S. Johnston      Gen. W. Nelson      H. Lee      Hamilton Gray      W. W. Baldwin      T. E. Pickett     
Harrison Taylor      J. A. McClung      J. Chambers      J. H. Condit      W. W. Haldeman      Rev. R. Wilson     
John Armstrong      John E. Blaine      John M. Duke      R. H. Stanton      Walker Reid      R. L. Grinnan     


John A. McClung (1804-1859), who's bio is just above, (another one here) wrote a romantic novel called Camden, and Kentucky history book called Sketches of Western Adventure.  An evaluation of both books noted that there is likely as much fiction in McClung's history book as his novel.  Go to Google Books and you can read the whole thing.

Here are three short recollections showing the dangers of migrating to Mason County, Kentucky, in the 18th century:

James Morris Asa Farrar James Hedge


From The History of Kentucky, 1929, published by S. J. Clarke.  This book, like the one above, should not be considered to have a definitive list of important people in the county.  More likely, the book was financed by people who paid to have their name included, and wrote their own bio. (All are pdf's)
John I. Claybrooke Col. Frederick H. Bierbower William Franklin Steele
Judge Charles Douglas Newell James Marshall Collins Andrew McConnell January

Who's who in Mason County, in 1840, here.

Members of the Mason County Masonic Lodges in 1890:
Dover Germantown Helena Mayslick
Maysville 52 Maysville 342 Sardis  

Members of the Mason County Masonic Lodges in 1911: (pdf's)
Dover Sardis Mayslick Maysville Germantown


Masonic Lodge Membership, from 1818!
Maysville Washington

Winchester Byron Rudy was born in Maysville on March 27, 1840. He enlisted in Company “C” of the 16th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry on August 10, 1861 and served until January 27, 1865. Wikipedia has details on the 16th Kentucky. He died February 27, 1920, and is buried in the Maysville Cemetery. His Civil War diary - 195 pages of it - is a pdf, here.


For membership rolls of ALL Masonic Lodges in ALL cities in Kentucky,
from 1878 thru 1922, they're at the Hathi Trust Digital Library, by individual year.


Judge Roy Bean was born in Maysville, circa 1825.  The
biography of “The Law West of the Pecos,” is at this site.


Mason County, Kentucky

from Trow's Legal Directory of Lawyers in the United States, 1875

Mason Line