1884, 1905, 1907, 1913, & 1948 Flood Scenes

Flood Levels from the Various Maysville Floods
Year Flood Level
1884 66.9 ft
1913 67.8 ft
1937 75.4 ft

Earlier Maysville flood information is here.

1884 Flood 1884 Flood Maysville Flood
1884 Flood
This magnificent old photo is from
a Facebook post by Jim Rannes
1884 Flood, Front Street,
west of Market
2nd and Market in the 1884 Flood
  Jas. T. Kackley, Photographer West Second St.  

1884 Flood

1884 Flood, at Sutton

News story on Maysville in the 1884 Flood

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“Maysville, Feb. 14.-The river rose five inches last night and came to a stand this morning. It has since fallen three inches. Fifteen hundred people are homeless.” Courier-Journal, February 15, 1884


"Thieves are taking advantage of the temporary absence of lighted streets in Maysville [because of the 1884 flood], and are doing some small plundering.  It would go hard with them if caught, if one were to judge by the armament of the Marshal and his sides.  Two of the latter came aboard the steamer for lunch last midnight.  In a big leathern belt around the waist of one were stuck three big navy revolvers." Cincinnati Enquirer, 19, 1884

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Maysville Flood Maysville Flood Maysville Flood
L & N Crossing the Flooded
Waters, January 19, 1907
Between East and west
Maysville, 1907 Flood
Maysville, 1907 Flood

1907 flood

1907 Flood
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Maysville Flood  

Front Street, Flood of 1907

The 1907 Flood in Maysville occurred in January, and they thought it was over, but a heavy rains caused a second flooding in March.


Maysville Flood Maysville Flood 1913 flood
The Big Kanawha, destroyed in Ice, 
 1905 and the 1884 Flood
Looking South from
Forrest Avenue, 1909
2nd and Market, 1913


Maysville Flood Maysville Flood Maysville Flood Maysville Flood
Market Street,
1913 Flood
East Street,
1913 Flood
Second and Market,
1913 Flood
Market Street,
1913 Flood


1940 Flood 1884 Flood 1945 flood
1940 Flood on Second Street at Market 200 block of W. 2nd Street, in the 1940-50's. Lower Market, 1945 Flood
  From a Facebook post by Tim J. Dearinger from a Facebook post by Jim Barbour

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1945 Flood 1945 Flood 1945 Flood 1945 Flood
Front Street

Second Street

McNeill Lumber

Lower Limestone

1945 Flood 1945 Flood 1945 Flood 1945 Flood
East Second Street

Railroad at Front Street

Residential Scene

Cottage Street

1945 Flood 1945 Flood 1945 Flood
1945 Flood
Railroad Crossing

Toward Forest Avenue

Bus at RR Crossing

Train Station & Caproni's
from a Facebook Post by Jim Rannes
At Hutchinsons This section is all 1948 Flood. 1948 was the eighth
worst flood ever recorded in Cincinnati (and 1945
was the fourth worst). You don't hear much about
them. Our theory is that most everyone who saw
them had seen the much worse '37 flood, and they'd
won World War II, so they pretty much
took '45 and '48 in stride.
At Hutchinson's
from a Facebook post by Christian Kalb


Maysville Flood

March 12, 1964, Maysville

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In 1908, flash flooding from torrential rains killed three people.

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Last, but absolutely not least, there's this, about the 100 foot flood of 1774.

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