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Sardis, Kentucky H. & W. Pyles Sardis, Kentucky
The Buckner House Hotel. Masonic Lodge
upstairs, Bank of Sardis on the corner
H. & W. Pyles, 1891.
In 1960's, Dillon's Grocery
W. T. Grover's. Later,
Mastin's Garage


Mason County School Mason County School Sardis
Drawing of School planned
for Sardis
Sardis School, 1913
“a modern, consolidated,
12 grade school.”
  Dedicated February 12, 1931.
Sardis High School was consolidated with Mayslick and Washington in 1936. The building was later used as an elementary and junior high. It ceased being used in 1967.



1951 Sardis Dragons' Cheerleaders
Bonnie Cole, Wanda Carpenter, and JoAnn Dillon
From a Facebook post by John Harmon


Sardis, Ky

Former WWII p.o.w. Billy Cracraft shows off his catch.
from a John Henderson Facebook post.
Facebook folks have identified these buildings in the backgrounds: Bill White's old theater in the right;
Tatman's on the left; Fulton's Gas Station; Doyle's store, and home; and Kip Reed's Sardis Service Station.
The car belonged to Owen Wayne Ormes.


Tollsboro Team

Sardis Christian
From a Facebook post by Janie Jett-Mason


Sardis Sardis
  Fulton's Loafing Shed Tatman's Corner
From a Facebook post by Lori Fulton Brookbank

Sardis, Kentucky Sardis, Kentucky
The Opera House,
built by J. M. Wheatley.
Later White's Grocery
Sardis School
On the right, going toward Mr. Olivet

Opera Houses of this era presented all types of entertainments: school plays, traveling shows, low-brow comedies, recitals, and lectures. Opera? Virtually never.


From a Facebook post by Missy Gifford


Sardis, Kentucky

Tuel's Grocery, 1978
from a Facebook post by David Tuel

Mason Line

Sardis, Kentucky Mason County, Kentucky
Farmers Bank of Sardis, c. 1915
from a Facebook post by Jessie Fulton Rice
The Bank of Sardis, 1905


“Bank Organized at Sardis A bank has been organized at Sardis, a little town five miles from Mt. Olivet. It has a capital of $15,000, about one-third of which was subscribed by Owen County people, and by agreement the cashier will be an Owen county man.  Mr.  Lon Grover, of near Sardis, will be president.”  From the Courier-Journal, May 17, 1903 “State Banking Commissioner T. J. Smith today authorized the new Farmer's Bank of Sardis to begin business on May 1, after an inspection by Assistant Commissioner, R. R. Revill.  This bank is incorporated by entirely different parties from those behind the Bank of Sardis, which is in the hands of the Commissioner for Liquidation.  The president of the new bank is H. W. Rees, the Vice-President David Douglas.  The cashier is R. D. Berry. It is capitalized at $15,000.”  From the Courier Journal, May 1, 1913

Mason Line

Sardis was named either for one of the seven cities mentioned in the Bible's book of Revelation (Revelation 3:1-6) or the ancient capital of a region of Turkey then called Lydia (Wikipedia).
“J. M Wheatley, Jr., of Sardis, is planning the installation of an electric light plant. A gasoline engine will probably be the prime mover.” from The Iron Age, 1915 “The electric-light plant installed in the Sardis Opera House by Albert Hill of Maysville will be used primarily to operate moving picture equipment.  The plant has sufficient output to supply the town with electrical service.”  from Electric World, Vol. 67, 1916
“The Maysville Eagle says: ‘The patriarch of the village Uncle Luke Dye, as he was familiarly called, died in Sardis on Monday, the 22nd inst., in the seventy-ninth year of his age. He was the village wit, and friend of everybody, and everybody was his friend. He was the founder of the village. He was a soldier of the War of 1812. May the sod lie gently on the breast of the old soldier. Peace to his ashes.” Courier-Journal, March 29, 1869
“In the local option election to-day in the town of Mayslick, and in Magisterial district No. 6, which included the towns of Mayslick and Sardis, both towns in the district went dry. Mayslick went dry by three votes. The district went dry by three hundred and thirty-seven votes.” Courier-Journal, September 23, 1906
Letter writer is disturbed that he can't get help in capturing a slave escaped from Sardis. Preacher against night riders loses his job in Sardis in this episode in the Tobacco Wars of 1908.
“The Sardis Cornet Band, by invitation of the officers of the steamer Hundy, will attend the Dramatic Entertainment, to be given at Manchester, Ohio, on Friday and Saturday.” Maysville Bulletin, May 31, 1877
The Legislature declares Sardis Dry in 1876.  
The creation of the Mt. Olivet and Sardis Turnpike Road Company, here. The creation of the Mayslick and Sardis Turnpike Road Company, here.
Sardis was incorporated as a town by an act of the Kentucky General Assembly on February 14, 1850.
“The Sardis and Silvia [?] Telephone Company has been incorporated with $225 capital stock  by T. W. Todd, Robert Hudson, and Frank Rogers.” Telephony, Vol. 80, p. 1921 “Taylor Berry and Hugh French have bought the interests of R.  O. Chambers and D. H. Hindreth in the Sardis Flour Mills.”from The Operative Miller, Vol. 24, 1919.
“Seven barrels of whiskey fell from a wagon at Maysville last week and were bursted. When news of this shocking waste reached Sardis, fourteen men joined the Sons of Temperance.” Daily Courier, February 18,1868


Family in Sardis, 1919

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In Sardis, sold pigs find their way home - 7 miles away.  Read it here.

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