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Boundaries   Boundaries
Pendleton as it was formed, 1798, from parts of Bracken and Campbell Counties.   1819, the southwest corner lost to Owen County
Boundaries   Boundaries
1820, Grant County breaks off.   1882, a small area gained from Bracken.
Maps of how the Pendleton County boundaries have changed over time. In addition to the changes mapped, there was a minor change in 1854 and a minor change in 1866 to accommodate certain landowners was made. They also appointed some folks in 1848, to draw the exact line between Pendleton and Bracken.


Demossville Falmouth
DeMossville Falmouth  
These two maps date from 1865 or so, and were drawn to show the block houses built by the US to guard the railroad bridges along the Kentucky Central Railroad against attack by the Confederacy. These are excerpts from the entire map, which shows insets of most towns from Benton Station (the town of Kenton) to Lexington. We have the entire map on the NKYViews Maps Page.  


Philadelphia's D. J. Lake Company put out atlases for hundred of counties in the US in the 1870's and 1880's. These are the Pendleton County pages from their An Atlas of Bracken and Pendleton Counties, 1884.   Pendleton
      Precinct Overview
Bonar's Butler Callensville Falmouth Butler
Bonar's Precinct Butler Precinct Callensville Precinct Falmouth / Butler
Falmouth Grassy creek McKenneysburg Sasnd Suck
Falmouth Precinct Grassy Creek Precinct McKenneysburg Precinct Sand Suck Precinct
Short Creek   Patrons Patrons
Short Creek Precinct   Pendleton Patrons, 1 Pendleton Patrons, 1


Butler, 1886
Butler, 1886
  Falmouth, 1897 Falmouth, 1897 Falmouth, 1897 Falmouth, 1897 Falmouth, 1897 Falmouth, 1897
  Falmouth, 1897
These detailed maps of Falmouth and Butler are Sanborn Fire Maps, originally created to assist insurance companies assess risk for underwriting fire insurance, hence “fire maps.” These we've downloaded from the Library of Congress' site for Sanborns. There are more that we have not downloaded. Follow this link to the Library of Congress site for Sanborns, select Kentucky from states and Pendleton in counties to see'em all.



1917 Plat of new parts of Falmouth. Note old and new street names.
From a Facebook post by Fran Carr


Jug      Census Map  Census Map
Topographic Map of Pendleton County, 1930     These are Census Enumeration Maps, used by the Census Bureau to map out census districts. The map on the left is from 1932 and was used for the 1940 census. The map on the right is from 1942, and was used for the 1950 census.


Pendleton Map Pendleton Map 
Pendleton County, 1889 Pendleton County, 1935
(red lines are roads;  black are railroads)


Set of Topographical maps of Pendleton County from the early 1950's.
Walton DeMossville Butler Moscow
Gardnersville (1950) DeMossville (1953) Butler (1953) Carntown (1953)
Williamstown Goforth Falmouth Berlin
Knoxville (1950) Goforth Falmouth (1954) Berlin (1952)
  Berry Kelat Claysville
  Morgan (1953) McKinneysburg (1953) Milford (1952)


Butler,, Ky Butler,, Ky
Plats of Butler, unknown year
From a Facebook post by Mason Taylor


Pendleton Map Pendleton Map Pendleton Map Pendleton Map Pendleton Map
Robert Rennick drew this map of locations, over time, of many Pendleton Post Offices. This Pendleton County Map is from 1931.   In 1940, Chris Wilson wrote his master's thesis at the University of Cincinnati on the consolidation of many Pendleton County Schools.  These are the before and after maps from that document. You can read some details of the school districts of the time in this excerpt. (pdf) Map of every Pendleton Community ever, it seems.