Bedford Business Bedford Business
South Side of Courthouse, 1915
from the left, W. S. Pierce. grocery and dry goods, across Main Street; A. B. Clem, general store; Clem residence; store room building with Cumberland Telephone Exchange above; Terrell Brothers, funeral home, auto and farm implement dealers.
The A. B. Clem Heirs Store, Bedford formerly on the northwest corner, south side, of the Courthouse This building burned on March 18, 1941, in the third of what would  be five major fires to hit downtown Bedford in the 1940's and 1950's. from Trimble County Heritage, 1991-1992


Hoods Millinery

Mrs. C. W. Hood's


Bedford Business   Bedford Business Wagon Wheel
The Wagon Wheel Inn, Bedford. Right, 1961.


Bedford Business Bedford Business

The Kentucky Tavern, US 42, South of Bedford
 reputed to have been a stage coach stop
 between Louisville and Cincinnati

The Old Kentucky Tavern is on the National Register of Historic Places


Bedford Business

Just north of Landy Road on US 42
It was a gas station / bus stop.


Trimble Scenes

Offices of the Trimble Democrat

Milton, Kentucky


Bedford Loan and Deposit Bank, unknown year.

Beddford Loan and Deposit Beddford Loan and Deposit Beddford Loan and Deposit Beddford Loan and Deposit
  1961 1967 1962 1965

Bedford Business Bedford Business Bedford Business
Louis Logan Bedford Deposit Bank W. F. Peak, Bank President
Miss Louise B. Logan started at the Bedford Deposit Bank beginning March 25, 1910, and was still with them over 64 years later, advancing from  clerk, to cashier, to vice-president. The bank opened on November 2, 1896.
The first Bedford Deposit Bank was incorporated by the State Legislature on March 30, 1888. The Act is here (pdf).   For reasons not clear to us, it incorporated again on March 18, 1918. Incorporation papers, including a stockholder list, is here (pdf).


Bedford Business Bedford Business Bedford Business
from 1903 Various Trimble and Carroll Co Bankers, 1952 from 1902

Milton, Kentucky

The Epsom and Chalybeate Springs re-open in Bedford. In 1849.

Bedford Business Bedford Business Brays
Bray Orchards
 Kentucky Progress Magazine named Joe Bray one its first Master Farmers in 1929.



Bedford Garage


Morgan's Morgan's Morgan's Morgan's Morgan's
  Morgan Drug Store
“Filling Prescriptions is our main business”


Feeders Haney's Haney's
Feeders Supply Haney's TV. 1964 (left) and 1965  


Bedford Business Marathon Sinclair
Standard Oil, Bedford
G. W. and Charles Taylor
  Mershell's Marathon, 1964 Chandler and Toombs, 1964
Toomb's Sinclair, 1967


Gulf Sinclair
Lindbergh Taylor's Gulf, 1963,
Next to Little Town and Country
From a Facebook post by Larry Craig, whose '58 Chevy is seen.
Chandler & Tombs Sinclair Station
From a Facebook post by Hilda Parrish


Woody's Clem's Pioneer Shop
Woody's Grocery, 1964
Raymond Wood, prop.
R. E. Clem's, 1964
Groceries and Dry Goods
Pi0neer Shop
“Gifts for all occasions”


  Bedford Business Bedford Business
  Bedford Products Triangle Food Store

Milton, Kentucky

Bedford Hill

Trimble Democrat

The first paper in Trimble County was the Trimble News, whose first issue was February 20, 1879.  It became the Banner Democrat in 1899, merged with the Milton News in the issue of November 7, 1913, and was locally owned until 1971.


Thelma and Lee Pearson's B. C. Food Store Little Town and Country
Thelma and Lee Pearson's B. C. Food Store, 1965 Miles & Ward Grocery, 1967  


Little Town and Country Little Town and Country
  Little Town and Country,
1965 (left) and 1963


Bedford Springs

Bedford Springs
From a Facebook post by Hilda Parrish


Bedford Springs

Bedford Springs
Trimble County, Ky.
These Springs are now open for the reception of visitors.
A regular four-horse coach will leave Jericho, on the Louisville and Frankfort
 Railroad, (33 miles from Louisville) every Monday, Wednesday. and Saturday
June 8, 1864  Parker & Miller
(from Frankfort's Tri-Weekly Commonwealth, July 22, 1864)

A chemical analysis of the minerals in the mineral springs, from 1857, is here.

Milton, Kentucky