Ewing Motors, corner of #36 and School Hollow Road, where C. L. “Hop” Ewing sold new Plymouths and Dodges up until the late 1950's. Not to be confused with the former Florence mayor Hop Ewing, his son. The son is the man who changed the water tower in Florence from “Mall” to ”Y'all.” The granddaughter of Hop and his wife Goldie, Diane Whalen is also a mayor of Florence. From a Facebook post by Darrell Henderson


Sam's Rowletts Sam's
Wood's Grocery Rowlett's Berry Hotel


Spillman's Spillman's Spillman's Spillman's
Spillman Motor Service Garage, on top of the hill past Moffett from the left, William E. “Bud” Spillman, Sherman Bacus, Bill Storey, Buddy Spillman.
From Facebook posts by Dorothy Spillman


Milton, Kentucky  Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky
Standard Oil,
Orval Adcock's,
Milton, 1930's
Kentucky Souvenir Shop, Milton
Exterior and Interior

Milton, Kentucky

Albert “Allie” C. Broad, Blacksmith,
from the left, Allie, Orville Adcock, Shellie Blayne, Ed Bill, and Gatherite Harmon.
from a Facebook post by Dorothy Spillman, who notes it was “in the 'holler' across from the entrance to Milton school.”

Milton, Kentucky

“The Milton correspondent of the Carrollton Democrat reports the burning of the cattle pens at Farmer's Mill, with a loss of about $4,000, and no insurance.” Courier-Journal, December 14, 1875
Milton flouring mill burns, here. A newspaper starts publishing in Milton in 1877.
“Mr. John Sullivan informs us that the board of directors of the Louisville narrow gauge railroad have instructed him to prepare an amendment to the charter of the company, terminating the road at Milton., Ky., a point opposite this city.  We understand from Mr. S. that this is done with a view of ultimately crossing the river at this city either by means of a bridge or transfer boats, and continuing the road up the river on the Indiana side.”  The Indiana State Sentinel, December 8, 1875
“The tobacco warehouse of Deweese & Golden, Milton, Ky., was burned this morning, destroying $50,000 pounds of tobacco.  It was insured in the Madison for $1,500 and in the Hartford for $3,500.”  from the Cincinnati Enquirer, August 6, 1884 “At Milton, Ky., the grocery store of Ben Morris was prostrated, by the tornado of 1860. ” From Frankfort's  Tri-Weekly Yeoman, May 24, 1860
“The Indiana Liquor Law has caused a brisk business to spring up at several points in Kentucky along the Ohio River.  The owner of the ferry at Milton is reaping a fortune, and several citizens of Madison talk of erecting taverns in Milton.  At Ghent, the jug business is carried on extensively; the horse ferry boat will soon give place to steam - as our Hoosier neighbors, to get steam will put on steam.  At Carrollton, the jug traffic is improving, but after all, it may only prove to be an increased appetite for molasses.” - Carroll County Times, July 7, 1855

Milton, Kentucky

Milton, Kentucky Milton, Kentucky

Farmers Bank of Milton
center, 1971
The image on the right is from time of the grand opening, on April 8, 1959.  The details are here.
The original bank opened on October 6, 1902, with these men in charge.

And it incorporated? Re-organized? Anyway, it did it in 1908.

“Mr. Lon Rogers, formerly of Greensburg . . .left Monday for Milton, Ky., where he takes charge of the new bank which opens for business the first of the year.” The Hartford [Ky] Republican, December 26, 1902

 Milton, Kentucky