Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky WV HS
Walton High School,
 at the Corner of Main Street and
High School Court
Walton High School,
circa 1918
Walton High School Walton High School, c. 1908


WVHS Gym Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky
The Gym, c. 1947
from a Facebook by Barbara Groger Keller
Walton Basketball, 1910
That's former postmaster Hess Vest
on the left, in the back, in the vest
Construction of new Gym,
c. 1929


Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky
The first Asa Rouse Model T
Both taken at the Walton High School, May 6,  1923


Walton, Kentucky

Walton School
Corner of Beaver Road & Stephenson Mill Road


Walton, Kentucky

Class at the Beaver-Stephenson Mill School, c. 1926
The teacher, on the left is Sarah Weaver Sleet and the boy in the front row with the bib-overalls is Chester Sturgeon.
Thanks to Don Sturgeon for sending me this one.


Joseph C. P. Dow left New Hampshire and became a school teacher in Walton 1847-48. He wrote three letters home which have survived.
The 1961 Dawn published a complete list of graduating seniors  from 1902 to 1961.  You can find it here (pdf).
Walton-Verona's Dawn, it's yearbook, is likely derived from the motto of the class of 1925: “Not the Sunset, but the Dawn.” There's a history of the Walton and Verona Schools, here. (the first Walton public school principal quit - to teach at Harvard)

Walton-Verona held a public meeting in 1954 to decide whether or not WVHS should integrate. Courier-Journal coverage is here, and the Walton Advertiser's story is here.

In 1955, they did.

A Note from 1903 on the  Walton Graded School, is here. A Note from 1879 on the Walton Free School, is here.

Walton School

1940's Walton Baseball
From a Facebook post by Mark Butler