Looking West & Main Street, 1883


Same Scene as above, but shows a little more on the right



East Side of Court House, from Main, 1883


This is one of the more remarkable postcard scenes we've ever seen.  Please note a man in
mid-air, who has apparently jumped from the building.  It's been suggested to us
that he may be on a wire strung between buildings.  Anybody know details??


Main Street

Court Day?

Lower Main Street, c. 1910 Main Street


Main Street

Main Street
From a Facebook post by Bill Davis


Farmers Convention, 1907 - our guess is it's a gathering of the American Society of Equity  More about the Society is here.



Main Street, looking East, Carrollton, Same Scenes, different decades
( a little more info on the card on the left is here )



Main Street, looking West, Carrollton
Same Scene, different decades

The two upper right images in the above sets are
Courtesy Kentucky Historical Society
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Tobacco Festival Tobacco Festival
The Tobacco Festival
From a Facebook post by the Carrollton/Carroll County Tourism and Convention Bureau

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Two men shoot it out on Main Street in 1890 over alleged “criminal intimacy.”  Story is here.

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“A destructive fire occurred at Carrollton, Ky., Sunday.  One-half of the most valuable block of buildings in the centre of the town was destroyed.  The principal sufferers are Messrs. Thurman, Martin, Booker, and Hamilton & Smith.  The amount of the losses is not stated.” 
 New York Times, September 22, 1874

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May 12, 1906 View of Main Street

Carrollton Main Street Scene


Watermelon Man in Carrollton.
Best guess on who and where this is, is here.
Photo from the Mammoth Photo Studio
A. J. Hilton, Operator, Carrollton

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