Prestonville, Kentucky Prestonville, Kentucky Prestonville, Kentucky

I. D. Taylor,

Kentucky River, Viewing
the Prestonville shore

Baseball Team of
the Darling Distillery


Prestonville, Kentucky

Prestonville in the 1913 Flood

The Old Darling Distillery is in the background above.  On the roof of the Harry Hunt home the Hunt family is seen on the roof. It wold later be the home of Mrs. D. E. Miller.  The porch collapsed in the 1937 flood.  The other home, belonging to the Peckham's, later by Wheatley Jones, washed away in the 1937 flood.
Prestonville, Kentucky Tobacco Signing
Darling Distillery Plat, 1910   Loading whiskey from the Darling Distillery, c. 1880
Details about the Darling Distillery are at this site.


1964 Flood, Prestonville, Ky 1964 Flood, Prestonville, Ky 1964 Flood, Prestonville, Ky
The Flood of March, 1964 from Facebook posts by Dwight Louden



Ethel Moore
From a Facebook post by Mona Moore

Mary Ann Gentry's remembrance of Prestonville's Ethel's Place (pdf).

Prestonville, Kentucky Prestonville, Kentucky Prestonville, Kentucky

Prestonville, looking toward
 Carrollton, 1932

Near Little Kentucky
 on US 42, 1969

Dairy Queen in

Diuguid's Cabbage

Col. William Prestonville
Read about Prestonville's namesake at Wikipedia, here.

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“Henry Crouch's tobacco barn was burned this morning with 150 hogsheads of American Equity Co. tobacco
and a large amount of leaf. The loss will reach $150,000.” The Spokane Press, August 27, 1907

This is a skirmish in the Kentucky Tobacco Wars, details here.

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A brief history of Prestonville is here. In 1885, a fire in Prestonville takes out part of the distillery, story here.
The sale of the Prestonville Distillery, here. Stars and Stripes fly in Civil War era Prestonville, the first item here, and the follow up here.
“A boiler exploded, on September 19th, in H. B. Crouch's tobacco factory at Prestonville, near Carrollton, Ky.  The building in which the boiler was located was blown to atoms and parts of the machinery were thrown to a distance if 100 yards.  There were eight persons at work in the building, but fortunately no one was hurt.”  from The Locomotive, 1900.
Slave escape from Prestonville, in 1833, here. In 1892 , they're surveying for a railroad from English to Prestonville. Here.
Forty mounted men attack Prestonville's Maddox, here. The town of Preston was established by an act of the Kentucky Legislature on December 21, 1795. The act also dictates ferry rates.
This act, from the 1820 Kentucky General Assembly, makes it clear how to road to New Castle is to be built.
Prestonville was incorporated as an official city by the Kentucky Legislature on April 28, 1884
“Local option carried in Prestonville today by two majority, and the whole temperance ticket was elected.” the Highland Weekly News, March 16, 1882 “The Wife of a Prestonville (Ky.) Physician Shot by a Town Marshal. Madison (Ind.), March 30.— Robert Bartlett, the Town Marshal of Prestonville, Ky., arranged to elope with the wife of Dr. Contri last night, but at the last moment Mrs. Contri refused to accompany him. Thereupon Bartlett shot and fatally wounded her, and also shot and slightly wounded Mrs. Hale, with whom Contri and his wife boarded. Bartlett escaped.” San Francisco Call, Volume 69, Number 121, 31 March 1891
Eloping widow escapes cowhiding in Prestonville, here. “Prestonville, Ky. Knights of Labor (Wikipedia) nominated and elected a full municipal ticket Saturday.  First if the kind in the state.”  Stark County (Ohio) Democrat, March 10, 1887

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