The Carrollton and Worthville Railroad
a.k.a., the C. & W., a.k.a., the Come and Wait, a.k.a., The Careworn and Worthless

Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Engine Number 1, in “Carrolton” 
from the L&N Magazine, 1928
That's St. John's in the background
“The Greatest Little
Railroad Car in America”


Carrollton, Kentucky

That's the C. & W. R. R.'s first President, James Gayle
behind the controls of this jitney.  It made daily trips back and forth
between Carrollton and Worthville. carrying passengers, freight, and mail.



Carrollton Railroad #548

Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Engine 103 on the
 C. & W. R. R. Co.
Engine 938 on the
C. & W. R. R. Co.
Carrollton, #548
April 19, 1938
The L&N in Carrollton,
 circa 1945, #938


Carrollton R.R.

Carrollton and Worthville RR at the station


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Offices Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky

Carrollton Railroad
at Hill's Grocery

The Carrollton &
Worthville Railroad
L & N Offices at
Fifth and Polk, c. 1943
L & N Offices,
Fifth and Polk, c. 1962


Carrollton, Kentucky

The curvature of the track was too sharp for the locomotive to back in to Carrollton's furniture factory, so they had to add a few extra box cars to reach the cars on the back of the siding.  This is from a feature story on the Carrollton Railroad from 1943. The complete story is here (pdf).


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Locomotive (1943) and earlier
passenger car in Carrollton
The last steam engine
poses with the first diesel, 1957.


Butler Park

Leaving Carrollton, 1938

Carrollton, Kentucky

More detail on the Carrollton and Worthville Railroad than you likely wanted.

Carroll Line

The Journal of the CSXT Historical Society had a full feature (pdf) on the Carrollton Railroad in 2014.
You can visit them at their web site.

The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin ran a history (pdf) of the Carrollton Railroad by Kenneth E. Kipfer, in 1944.

The L&N Employee Magazine ran a feature (pdf) on Carrollton in May, 1962.

The first phone call ever made from a train was from between Worthville and Carrollton.  It used “chemicalized steam.”  Story is here.

And before there was the railroad, there were stage coaches. Read about them here.

Carroll Line