Worthville L & N 

The L & N Depot, circa 1950


Worthville L & N Worthville L & N Worthville L & N

L & N Railroad Bridge over the Kentucky River

“The railroad bridge across the Kentucky river at Worthville is a magnificent structure. It is nearly
completed, and the greater part of the hands have left.” Courier-Journal, February 2, 1869

Worthville L & N Worthville L & N Worthville L & N
L & N Water Station, Worthville Trains with steam locomotives
had to make stops for water.
Worthville was a major stop for watering.
The three waters
towers burn, 1942.

Worthville L & N        Worthville L & N

The Last Steam to Leave Worthville.  The story is here.
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Worthville L & N Worthville L & N Worthville L & N
Two L & N Railroad
Workers, 1926 
L & N Extra Gang No. 2,
Worthville, 1930
Worthville Track
 Gang, 1934


Railroad Crew at Worthville
From a Facebook post by Claudia Spenneberg



Coming into Worthville, c. 1980.



Worthville area train wreck, August, 1970
From a Facebook post by Bill Davis


Worthville L & N Worthville L & N
L & N's Pan American stranded
in Worthville, 1937 Flood.
L & N Railroad Scene



Worthville L & N Worthville L & N

Worthville Depot
picture on the right is 1907

The 1914 L&N Shippers' Guide had this description of Worthville.


Worthville Worthville Worthville
The L&N in Worthville, c. 1976    

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The University of Louisville Library is the home of the L&N company records. They're all on-line, here. They include a complete set of the digitized employee magazine.

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The Courier Journal wrote about the very first passenger train over the Short Line, in 1869, here
“Owenton, Ky., June 8 - Surveyors are at work in the route of the new railroad from Worthville to Owenton.  The new road will be a continuation of the Worthville and Carrollton Road.  All of the right-of-way has been donated and the money is in sight to build the road.  The road, after leaving Worthville, continues up Eagle Creek until it strikes Twin Creek, following that stream to New Liberty, and thence by way of Harrisburg to Owenton.  The cost of construction is figured at $20,000 per mile.  The distance is 17 miles.” from the Cincinnati Enquirer, June 9, 1906
Union railroad men shoot at scabs in Worthville railroad strike.  More here.
“Worthville, Ky., May 29. - A meeting was held in this city last night for the purpose of selecting the shortest and best route for the extension of the Worthville and Carrollton Railroad from here to Owenton. If this road is built it will open up one of the best sections of Kentucky” Courier-Journal, May 30, 1906
Maysville's Daily Public Ledger, April 13, 1908
Tramp saves Worthville from fire, and is murdered by the L &N.  Particulars here. Teddy Roosevelt's train stops in Worthville, 1902. He was the President at the time.
Hog Run
Warren County (IL) Democrat, October 13, 1892
The L & N Historical Society's site is here. The Pan-American, (Wikipedia), a flagship passenger train on the L&N, was stranded by the 1937 flood for 11 days in Worthville. Keep in mind it was a time when a railroader could lose his job for causing a named passenger train to be 5 minutes late.
L&N schedule from April, 1879.

“Three killed on the L&N. Madison, Ind., Dec. 22, - A freight train on the Louisville & Nashville road was wrecked near Worthville, Ky., at midnight.  The engineer, fireman, and the head brakeman were killed.  The train went over a bank fifty feet high.  The rails spread.  The train was five minutes ahead of a passenger train and was trying to reach a siding.”  Indianapolis Journal, December 23, 1902

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