Williamatown, Kentucky Williamatown, Kentucky
Court House Square,
In the Snow,

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Williamatown, Kentucky

The terra cotta in the Williamstown post office. 
A few more details here.

If you attended the grand opening of the new Williamstown post office - August 4, 1941 - you get one of these.

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We're told the first female bootlegger in Grant County is believed to be one Addie Williams,
an Afro-American woman who lived directly behind the Court House.

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Williamatown, Kentucky Williamatown, Kentucky

Court House Square, Williamstown


Williamatown, Kentucky Williamatown, Kentucky courthouse courthouse

Grant County laid the cornerstone for its new court house, its third, on April 30, 1938.
  The program is here, the story of the ceremony is here, and the story of the two boys
 in the reform school band who stole clothing after the event is here.




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The first Grant County court house was built on William Arnold's farm,
and lasted until 1859, when the building immediately below was built.

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The following images are all from 1901:

Williamatown, Kentucky

The second Grant County Courthouse, 1901
This building was torn down in replaced by a new building by
the WPA in 1938-1939.


Williamatown, Kentucky Williamatown, Kentucky Williamatown, Kentucky
The Old Jail,
The New Jail,
The Grant County Clerk's
Office, Williamstown, 1901

Absalom Skirvin, who came to what is now Grant County in the 18th century, built the first jail in Grant County, and was a founding member of the old Dry Ridge Baptist Church. -from an email from Donald Skirvin

Fire at the jail in 1909.

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