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  Grant Co., Ky. Boundaries   Grant Co., Ky. Boundaries   Grant Co., Ky. Boundaries
  Grant County formed from Pendleton, 1820.   Grant acquires small piece from Harrison, 1827.   Grant gains tiny section of Kenton, 1852.
Grant Co., Ky. Boundaries   Grant Co., Ky. Boundaries   Grant Co., Ky. Boundaries
  Northwest corner goes to Gallatin, 1867.   Northwest corner comes back from Gallatin, 1878   Grant gains a piece of Owen, 1876.
  Changes in the Grant County Boundaries over the years. Not mapped is an 1831 gain from Grant, an 1862 change to accommodate local property owners, and an 1870 gain from Boone County.


Grant County, Kentucky Grant County, Kentucky Grant County, Kentucky
Grant County, 1889
(Why's the northwest corner
missing? Here.)
Grant County, 1935
Red lines are roads, black lines are railroads.
Magisterial District Map, 1940


Crittenden Crittenden
  Crittenden The Wells
  These two maps are from Lloyd Franks' remarkable History of Crittenden (pdf). The Wells was an area just south of Crittenden, at one time a separate place. Read Frank's piece for all the details.


  Sanborn Williamstown   Sanborn Williamstown
These detailed maps of Williamstown from 1916 are Sanborn Fire Maps, originally created to assist insurance companies assess risk for underwriting fire insurance, hence “fire maps.” These we've downloaded from the Library of Congress' site for Sanborns. There are other sets of Williamstown, from other years, we didn't download, but which you can.

Lexington Pike

This is a Southern Railway map from 1922. Note how what was then the Lexington Turnpike bobs and weaves across the railroad. To see the full set of maps, from Ludlow to Lexington, they're at the bottom of our maps page.

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  Verona Walton
  Northwest Corner (1950) Crittenden (1950)
Glencoe Lawrenceville Williamstown
Jonesville (1950) Elliston (1950) Williamstown (1950)
Owenton Lawrenceville Mason
Concord (1950) Lawrenceville (1950) Mason (1950)
  New Columbus Sadieville
  Southwestern Tip Corinth (1953)

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Grant county Rennick Map 1931 Map
This is a geologic map of Grant County from 1925. Note the one-room school locations Robert Rennick drew this map to identify many of the locations of US Post Offices over the years in Grant County. Geologic Map, 1931

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