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L & N Railroad L & N Railroad L & N Railroad
Looking east from
the Latonia Depot
Latonia Depot Looking west from
the Latonia Depot


The University of Louisville Library is the home of the L&N company records. They're all on-line, here. They include a complete set of the digitized employee magazine.


L & N Railroad

Plane lands at DeCoursey, December, 1939
Story of two brothers who waited 68 years for this picture, here.

L & N Railroad L & N Railroad
DeCoursey NX
interlocking control
Train approaching
Decoursey NX interlocking


You'll hear the L&N from Covington to Louisville referred to as the “Short Line.” That's because it initially came up short of actually getting into Louisville, because of gauge issues, i. e., incompatible track widths. Is this the “Short Line” used in the board game Monopoly? No.


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad

DeCoursey water pumping
 station on the Licking, 1941

DeCoursey ash pit turns
into garden, fall, 1935



Administration Scenes


L & N Railroad L & N Railroad
Thanks for these two montages of Decoursey scenes to Bill Schmiade

kenton line

Timetable for the L&N at Latonia (South
Covington), 1879, here.
If you're a fan of the L & N Short Line (Covington to
Louisville), the book you want to read is here.
A list of all the tunnels on the L&N between
Louisville and Cincinnati is here.
Here's a progress report, from 1868, on
the construction of the Short Line
The Interstate Commerce Commission issued this report on a
February 23, 1925  train wreck just south of Decoursey at Grant.
Lots of L & N diesel and locomotive pictures
are at Herron Rail's site, here.
The L & N Historical Society's site is here.

Latonia's Railway Museum of Greater
s site is here.

kenton line