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Union, Kentucky Union, Kentucky Union, Kentucky
Union Deposit Bank, 1930
Read about Union Deposit Bank here.
Union Deposit Bank,
c. 1970
Union Deposit Bank,
April 17, 1957
The Union Deposit bank opened on September 21, 1903, and failed on June 30, 1986.
Details of a 1953 bank robbery in Union are here, and here.


The Union Baptist Church, by Caroline Williams


The Union area was originally called Smokey Row, after the number of fires resulting from the clearing of the forests around the time. They later changed it to Pinhook, and then to Union. They changed it to Union as a result of the Webster–Hayne debate (Wikipedia).

There's a short history of Union from 1929 here.


There are a number of houses in the greater Union area on the National Register of Historic Places. Applications here - all pdf's - contain histories, maps, and interior and exterior photography.

Dr. John Stevenson House Dr. M. J. Crouch House J. Q. A. Stephens House L. C. Norman House
Morris Lassing House Peter Gregory House Thomas Huey Farm B. C. Calvert House
William Glore House Blankenbecker-Riley B. M. Allen House


Union, Kentucky Union, Kentucky Union, Kentucky

Union Baptist Church. Read more about Union Baptist, here,
and a longer history of the church here (pdf)

Union Presbyterian Church


"The Cincinnati Times gives an account of a grand American Barbecue at Union, Boone County, Ky.  The crowd in attendance was very large.  Speeches were made by John W. Menzies, Esq. of Covington; Col. T. L. Jones, of Newport; E. O. Norton, of Cincinnati; W. S. Ranking, of Williamstown; and Major E. B. Bartlett, of Covington."
  New York Times, July 28, 1856
"About twenty-five dogs and twice as many men, on foot and on horseback, went on a very exciting fox chase last Thursday.  The fox had been penned.  Capt. Norman, who is an old huntsman, pronounced it to have been as fine a chase as he ever witnessed.  The leader of the chase is aid to have been "Dock," a dog belonging to Will Wilson."from the Daily Commonwealth, February 6, 1879
Union, a small town just west of Walton, was visited by a fire.  A store belonging to Matson Roebelle was destroyed.  The bank building was damaged and the post office was destroyed.  The loss is estimated at $12,000, partially insured. from the Kentucky Times-Star, December 23, 1914 William Conrad's Early History of Union, Kentucky, from 1976, is here. (pdf)
Highwaymen a problem for Union in 1867. details here.
Kentucky Legislature sets rates for the Union-Richwood Turnpike in 1872. Mary Belle Bristow Noe's History of Union Baptist Church is here (pdf).
A description of the Gunpowder/Union neighborhood, 1889. Union residents working for a traction line to Covington.

Union was incorporated as a town by an act of the Kentucky General Assembly on January 17, 1838, and amended in 1854.

Curiously, is was also incorporated in 1871.

Duplicity of a Union “abolitionist,” here.
Union starts a library. In 1876.  
Read about the 1879 lynching of Theodore Daniels near Union here, and here.

A complete list of Union postmasters since 1830 is here.

Or, read about the lynching of Joe Payne of Union, here. Brief news from the Union High School, here.


Union Creamery Union Gulf Union Gulf
At the south east corner of Frogtown and US 42. From Facebook posts by Dale Ashcraft


Jones Service Station
Jones Service Station, 1969
US 42 at Longbranch


An image from Dale Ashcraft of his family's place at Frogtown Road and US 42.
We'll let Dale tell you about it

Union, Kentucky Union, Kentucky Union Creamery
Main Street, looking North Main Street, looking South Union Creamery


Union, Kentucky Union, Kentucky Union, Kentucky

Construction of US 42
 in Union

White Haven Academy
History of this
academy is here (pdf)

New Haven High School,
Class of 1933
Names of these folks are here.


Union, Kentucky Union, Kentucky

Boys & Girls 37th District
New Haven School