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St. Stephen's Church, Newport

St. Stephens priest missing, and accused of being “on terms of criminal intimacy” with parishioner. More here.


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“St. Stevens” Cemetery, established May 20, 1860. (in Fort Thomas, near I-471)

“The Right Rev. Bishop Carrell of Covington, yesterday consecrated the St. Stephen's Catholic Cemetery, on the Alexandria Pike, about three miles distant from this city. A procession, formed of the St. Joseph, St. Stephen, and other Catholic benevolent associations, proceeded by bands of music, and accompanied by a large concourse of citizens, proceeded to the grounds and witnessed the consecratory ceremonies.”


St. Stephens St. Stephens
  Original Chapel at St. Stephens Cemetery
From a Facebook post by Johannah Moran


Church St. Frances DeSales St. Frances DeSales
  From a Facebook post by Hailey Marie
St. Frances De Sales, Cote Brilliante, Erected in 1911, bulldozed in 2008 for a driveway to Kroger's. A German-American Catholic Congregation.

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The Rev. Paul Ryan published a comprehensive history of the Covington Diocese in 1954, and had
 special sections on each of the churches in the Diocese, including these in Newport:
St. Stephen is here St. Vincent de Paul is here. St. Francis de Sales, is here. His history of the Sisters of Divine Providence, is here.

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Newport Catholic Church
Difficulties in 1851, here.
In 1926, the US Census Bureau counted church
denominations and their members.  The Newport results are here.
. . . and then there was the priest that had his own ponzi scheme going.  The story's here.

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