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Carroll Co, Ky

The Third Court House in Carroll County, 1883
(Has Carroll County had two court houses or five?  Yes.  Let us explain.)

Courthouse location fixed by Legislature in 1805

County Seat Well


Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky

Carroll County Court
 House, c. 1890


Carroll County
 Courthouse & Square


Carroll Co, Ky

c. 1910


Courthouse Courthouse Sanders Depot
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Court House
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Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky
1910 Carroll County
 Courthouse & Square
unknown year 1947
Carroll County Courthouse

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“We notice that the Court House is being painted.  It is time, as it is needed it very badly.  Let us make a little suggestion to our court officials:  The court yard is in a miserable condition; have it drained and filled up, or if we want a beautiful lake in the summer and an excellent skating rink in the winter, let it be walled up so that it will be of some use.  Don't spend money on the Court House and leave the yard in such conditions that we can't get into the house.” - Carrollton Democrat, May 24, 1868
“Carrollton boys go in bathing in a pond in the court-house yard.” Courier-Journal, June 19, 1882
Legislature authorizes a new courthouse, 1805. The 1839 Courthouse is remembered as it's being razed in 1884.
Controversial Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Wm. Goebels (Wikipedia) comes to Carrollton, 1899. Parade to Carrollton from Worthville. History of Carroll's several early court houses is here.

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Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky
Carroll County Court
 House, 1906
Aerial of Court House
 in the 1937 Flood
The Carroll County Courthouse.
The key to the men in this
photo is here.


Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky
Carroll County Scene,
March 16, 1907
“to Miss Anna Walesly,
102 Hepburn Ave. Louisville, Ky.
Still Lonesome, Laura May”
Carroll County Courthouse,





Fire Department Highland Avenue
Carrollton Fire Department Carter Harrell takes five, August, 1950


Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky Post Office
“Custom House,” 1909 Carrollton Post Office, c. 1941 Carrollton Post Office, c. 1945


Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky
Carrollton Post Office, April 25, 1911
“Miss Cecil Hendrix, Jett, Ky. Dear Cuz, I received your
card this week was glad to hear from you. I had begin to think you wasn't going to answer my card. Jack and May's baby is dead it is going to be buried at Oakland today at 11 o'clock died yesterday morning at six clock.
Ans soon, Homer ”
Carrollton Post Office
“Mrs. Mary Brooke, Eaton, Ohio, This office is not bothered much with letters from you.  All are well, and think and speak of you often.  Could tell you something funny if you come and give me half a chance. All will send love, as well as, WB. ”
“Josh Gibson, of Logansport [Indiana], was the lowest bidder, to-day, for the construction of the public building at Carrollton, Ky. His bid was $15,731.” The Indianapolis Journal, October 17, 1900


A Carrollton paper in 1885 gave this account of the towns postmasters. In those days, the post office frequently consisted of nothing more than a small box with a bunch of letters in it, and a big sign out front of an already established business. And while the memory of the man remembering the postmasters is not infallible (see the official list here), we include it so you can see that the post office moved with great frequency, depending on who won the last election.


USPO, Carroll Co, Ky USPO, Carroll Co, Ky
James Knox Taylor was the supervising architect at the Carrollton Post Office. These drawings appeared in the November 3, 1900 issue of American Architect and Building News. Knox at the time was also the supervising architect for post offices in Menominee, Michigan, Monmouth, Illinois, and St. Cloud, Minnesota. (Note the resemblance of the other three.) Note the IRS office on the floor plan.

“The cornerstone of the new post-office at Carrollton, Ky., was laid Tuesday”
from the Mt. Sterling Advocate, Tuesday, June 25, 1901


Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky
Carrollton Post Office was
 built in 1901/1902
Post Office Construction
 Scene, 1900


“Post Office hours for Sunday in the future will be from 7 to 9 o'clock A.M. and 3 to 5 P.M.”  the Carrollton Democrat, May 13, 1868

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In 1837, you could pay the road tax, or be forced to take a shovel and get to work on the roads. More here.

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Carroll Co, Ky

Looking East

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“Washington, September 1.- Representative D. Linn Gooch, of the Covington, Ky., District, was in town to-day from his inland home, on Department business.  He has arranged for the establishment of of several rural postal routes, and has also arranged nine hundred bound volumes of valuable Government reports for the library of Carrollton, Ky.”  Cincinnati Enquirer, September 3, 1903

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Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky
Carroll County Library, 1978 War Memorial of Carroll County

The founding of the Carrollton Library Society in 1851


Carroll Co, Ky

A Carrollton water bill from 1900.  Note how they allocate the charges


Carroll Co, Ky    Carroll Co, Ky    Carroll Co, Ky

Carroll County Friends Dinner Honoring J. Lyter Donaldson, 1932
warning: larger than usual  images

Carrollton Fire Company #1 founded in 1858.


Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky Carroll Co, Ky jail
Carroll County Jail,
Built 1899 *
Carroll County Jail Historical Carroll
County Jail
unknown date Carroll County Jail
*Message on back says   “Jail is still in use 3 men in it. a woman too.”  August 22, 1964. 

In a remodeling of the jail in 1987, workmen found hidden in the base of the second floor eight hacksaw blades, three 12" files, four spoons, three homemade knives, a pack of rolling papers and an ace of diamonds.

There were 12 pages of specs (pdf) defined for the building of the jail and the jailer's house.
But what jail are they specs for? Bill Davis offers some thoughts.

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