A Word on Nancy Gullion


In the late 1920's and early 1930's the Gallatin County News published a series of articles on the history of Gallatin County by Sparta's Mrs. Nancy Gullion (Mrs. Curtis Gullion).  They were generally uncredited, but the News “outed” her in Part 18 of this series. 

The articles presented here are not in the order she wrote them, or in the order they were printed (a date not always available to us), but rather are arranged more or less chronologically, based on the events in each article.  It's not a perfect arrangement, but it's as good as any we could come up with, and besides, we found this cache of articles in our Grandmother's stuff, and it's the way she had them.  Not all of the articles are by Ms. Gullion.  We've noted another author if the paper mentioned it; if not, not.

The downside to Mrs. Gullion's articles is that she has a taste for some outlandishly garish sentences (“At the wharf lay huge dark flat boats rocking quietly to and fro like a dreamy waltzer stepping to the music of a Hawaiian guitar.”), and she likes to include detail about what is now Carroll County.  In fairness to her, Carroll was a part of Gallatin County until 1838, and that's sometimes the time she's writing about.   And she has several nuggets of Gallatin history you won't find anywhere else.

Copies of the original Gallatin County News issues are no longer extant.

As always, everything you read between the blue lines is an exact quotation of the original printed article.  

Part 1 Robert Johnson founds Fredericksburg
Part1a Steamboat New Orleans Passes Fredericksburg; First steamboat on the Ohio.
Part 2 First settlers in Gallatin County
Part 3 Fredericksburg Pioneers; descriptions of early housing
Part 4 How Fredericksburg Lost It's Name
Part 5  The establishment of Fredericksburg.
Part 6 To honor the name of Albert Gallatin
Part 8  Early Gallatin County houses
Part 9 Early life in Gallatin County
Part 10 Early roads and bridges in Sparta
Part 11   Sparta Christian and Baptist Churches Established
Part 12 Overview of immigration to Kentucky
Part 13a History of the Oakland Baptist Church
Part 13b History of the Oakland Baptist Church, re-written    
Part 14 History of Early Gallatin Churches    
Part 15   Glencoe Christian Church History
Part16 Sugar Camps on Sugar Creek                         
Part 17 Kentucky Times-Star article summarizing Gullion articles
Part 18  The “Outing” of Nancy Gullion
Part 19  Glencoe's Dr. Orville B. Yager
Part 20 Warsaw's Dr. Samuel B. Robinson.
Part 21 New Emigrants from Virginia come to Gallatin County
Part 22 First Gallatin Court under an oak tree in Napoleon; emigrants to Bramblett
Part 23 Early Days of Sparta
Part 24 Second oldest house in county burns
Part 25 Early Gallatin Physicians
Part 26 Additions and Corrections to Part 25
Part 27a A relative of Sparta's founder writes Mrs. Gullion
Part27b A little background on the writer of 27a
Part 28 Glencoe's Dr. Robert Pierce Thomas
Part 29 Warsaw's Dr. John Robinson
Part 30 Indian Attack on Sparta's Lost Branch?
Part 31 The Montgomery House
Part 32 Pioneer Days in Sparta
Part 33 History of Napoleon
Part 34 Oakland's Howard's, Ayers' and Dorman's
Part 35 History of Warsaw Methodist Church; Paint Lick
Part 36 Overview of Early Gallatin History
Part 37 Rebecca Gano's History of Sparta             
Part 38 Acts of the Legislature In Regard To Gallatin
Part 39 John J. Payne and Richard Yates 
Part 40 Misc Gallatin Hist                                      
Part 41 Nancy Gullion's Obituary