Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Carrollton Loose Leaf
Tobacco Warehouse, c. WWI
Inside the Tobacco
Warehouse, 1934
Growers Tobacco
 Warehouse, 1975

Largest tobacco warehouse in Kentucky being built, 1882.


Fourth Street Tobacco Warehouse
From a Facebook post by Bill Davis


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky

G. G. and Mary Woods Store in Carrollton, c. 1960


Southern States

Southern States franchise operated by Farm Bureau
From a Facebook post by Jamey Cobb


Linoleum Store

The Carrollton Telephone Exchange, 1910
313 Main. Maggie Hayes, Martha Standford and Hellen Stamp (? illeg)
From a Facebook post by Claudia Spenneberg

Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Thanks to Suzanne Shepherd for sending us these two pictures of the Carroll County Telephone Operators, c. 1920’s.  They're partially identified here.


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
C. S. Griffith, Produce and Feed, 
Thanks to James Lee Cobb III for this image
The Carrollton Tobacco Redryer
Interior and Exterior
Halmess Blacksmith Shop


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Grobmyer’s Livery Stable F. M. Golden's Livery Stable


Carrollton, Kentucky OK Supply
OK Supply Company
4th & Seminary
Vernon Gillock's OK Supply,
From a Facebook post by his grandson, William Brooks



OK Supply, Mayor Vernon P. Gillock, owner
at the corner of Fourth and Main
From a Facebook post by William Brooks


Linoleum Store

A carpet, rugs & linoleum business,
at the n.e. corner of Main and Third


Gravel Pit

This one confuses us. The apparatus shown here is almost always on the river, but those look like railroad cars behind the trestle. From a Facebook post by Bill Davis


Carrollton, Kentucky  Carrollton, Kentucky

Richland Theatre, Carrollton
The poster is c. 1945

What traveling companies were told about
Carrollton's Richland Opera House, in 1901,  is here.


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Interior of Glauber’s Store, c. 1890 John Glauber Glauber’s Store, 1975

The Courier-Journal noted: “Glauber’s Shoe Store might be the oldest in the state, maybe even in the nation.  It opened in 1863, with five cobblers making the shoes.  When the Industrial Age rolled around, the store turned to factory-made shoes. . . .The family business is the oldest continuous customer of the International Shoe Company.”


Carrollton, Kentucky

Martin’s Nursery, 2 miles, east of Carrollton, c. WWII

Martin's Nursery was on the south side of US 42/Highland, opposite the old Carrollton Auto Court and east from Martin Road (aka M&T Road or Rt. 2350).It was moved to across Highland Avenue from "Rebel Landing" in 1996.


Carrollton, Kentucky
An L&N picture from 1943 showing the Nugent Sand& Gravel Co.


Carrollton, Kentucky   Carrollton, Kentucky
The Amelia Cafe   Carrollton Woolen Mills, 1876
left, a hat tip to Carolyn Williams, for finding an item from a 1910 Vevay paper saying “Dock McGuire, who has been running the Amelia Cafe and the Hotel Alva, in this city for the past two years, will close his businesses in February and reopen them in Carrollton.” On the other hand, there's a building in Vevay that looks exactly like this, so it may or may not be Carrollton.   Fire at the Woolen Mills, 1878, here and here.

“The Woolen Mills were started by the Howes last Monday, and it again looks like there is life in the town.” Owenton Democrat, April 8, 1886


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Houghton House Hotel Howe Brothers Morley Brothers

Read about the
Houghton House here. (pdf)

Read about the
Howes here. (pdf)

Read about
Morley's here. (pdf)
The three are all circa 1895-96.


Kraft Foods Kraft Foods
These two Kraft Food images come from the Kraft Co. Magazine, the Kraftsman, in 1954. The building was on 4th and Clay. From a Facebook post by Brewier Welch


Wells' Grocery Locust Store Salyer's ardware
Wells' Grocery
From a Facebook post by Becki Terry Fisher
Minish's Tavern?
From a Facebook post by Carroll County Kentucky
Salyers Hardware Store
Key to who's in the picture
From a Facebook post by Fran Salyers


Carrollton, Kentucky

The Barker Businesses

And then there was Barker's laundry. And his electric plant, here.


Carrollton, Kentucky Siesdorfer Bros.
Read about the Carrollton
Pants Factory, 1891, here.
Seisdorfer Brothers
“The One Price Store”

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cow Carrollton, Kentucky
J. J. Blessing,
Butcher, Packer
Itemized Receipt from
J. E. Geier, Grocer


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Carrollton Furniture
M'f'g Co, 1900
Disken & Nieemborg, 1885
Adkinson Brothers
Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Adkinson Bros
Houghton House Hotel Nick Pumice, Fruit Dealer, c, 1908

Adkinson Brothers
Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
John M. Smith
Fine Tailoring


Grobmeyer Coal


Howe Brothers Department Store


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Carrollton Roller Mills, 1901 T. W. Disken, 1901 Howe Brothers Department Store
J. J. Blessing Coal and Salt

W. L. Smith

J. J. Blessing Coal & Salt W. L. Smith


Lincoln Inn Homer Bickers Ashland Station Bond Stables
Bill and Kathryn Heuser's Lincoln Inn, on High Street Homer John Bicker's Barber Shop
From a Facebook post by Kelly Anderson
Carrollton Ashland Station Bond Brothers Stables
From a Facebook post by Jamey Cobb


Poppy Shop Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
The Poppy Shop Gaines Drug Store,
Fifth Street Scene,
Carrollton, 1929

Riley’s Men Wear


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Carrollton Furniture
Carrollton Furniture Factory,
 c. 1896 
Carrollton Furniture Factory
More about this scene is here
Detailed information about the original furniture factory, and the story of how it came to be, in 1883,
can be found here
Another 1880's feature on the furniture factory is here. (pdf)
Items from their catalog are here. And how one furniture manufacturer's scandal (“Shoots Girl in Taxicab”) caused his demise, here.

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Augusta Papers
We know that there were at least these newspapers in pre-Civil War Carrollton. The dates represent issues that have been found, or referenced, not a start or stop date. W is weekly.


“The manufacture of tobacco hogsheads in Carrollton has become a business of no small importance.  Two mills give almost their undivided attention to their manufacture,  Baker, Ginn, & Co., have made at their mill, and sold, over four thousand hogsheads this year.” From Covington’s Daily Commonwealth, September 1, 1879, quoting the Carrollton Democrat.
“I learn that Harper's mill and distillery at Carrollton was struck by lightening yesterday morning, and destroyed by fire.  Captain Klim made a narrow escape from being killed; he was terribly shocked.  No insurance.”  Cincinnati Enquirer, June 25, 1866

“The old livery stable, corner Main and Fourth, was torn down this week to make room for the handsome block which M. I. Barker is to erect forthwith. The stable was built by John Langstaff in 1865 - his first job after he came out of the army.”  Carrollton Democrat, July 16, 1898

“On Friday last, the store-house of Wm. Lawrence, in Carrollton, Ky., was consumed by fire. A keg of gunpowder, in an adjoining room exploded, injuring a young man named Metcalf quite severely. Mr. Lawrence saved his goods. Loss about $3,000.” Vevay's Indiana Reveille, June 24, 1857
“The Independent is the name of a paper just started in Carrollton. It is a small sheet, but presents quite a neat appearance.” Courier-Journal, December 25, 1875 “[Carrollton newspaper editor] John Wright has evidently determined upon a bachelor's life or the Carrollton Independent would never offer such advice as this: ‘We advise girls to select out husbands as a shrewd boy chooses his apple. Take a good-looking, plump, lively fellow, or none.’” Courier-Journal, February 5, 1876
“The Louisville Courier learns that the hog cholera continues to prevail to an alarming extent along the Kentucky river, and the Ohio as far up as Portsmouth. At a distillery in Gallatin county no less than 400 hogs died in two pens in less than a week. At the Carrollton distillery the deaths among the hogs are fearfully on the increase, and the same fatality prevails in Mason county. The owners of these hogs in most cases “try” them up into what is termed grease, which is sold to the stearine candle makers at about nine cents per pound.” Frank Leslie's Weekly, May 2, 1857.
Port William authorized for the Gallatin Steam Mill Fire at Marlett's Store
In 1898, the Carrollton Democrat summarizes an issue of Signs of the Times, a Carrollton newspaper from 1862.
1907 Fire at the Carrollton Democrat An elderly gent is advised on Carrollton Hotels.
Col. Thomas Wright (relation to above?) writes a history of Carrollton newspapers, here. The story of the new factory producing maple syrup is here.

“A destructive fire occurred at Carrollton, Ky., Sunday.  One-half of the most valuable block of buildings in the center of town was destroyed.  The principal sufferers are Messrs. Thurman, Martin, Booker, and Hamilton & Smith.  The amount of losses is not stated.” from the New York Times, September 22, 1874

“The Carrollton brick yard is burning two kilns of 450,000 brick and is preparing to make 225,000 more this season.  They can make 40,000 per day with their new machinery and the brick are as smooth as a planed plank and look like pressed brick.”  Carrollton Democrat, September 1, 1898

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Jett Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Jett Brothers Distilling Company Jett Brothers Distilling Plat, 1910
Jett Brothers sponsor Carrollton’s
 new Electric Lights, here.
Before the electric lights, they put in
 gas lights, in 1869, details here.

Electric plant pictures

More on the Jett Bros. Distillery at this site.
Oops. Darling Distillery forgot to pay the whiskey taxes. Earlier Distillery burns.

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Tobacco Signing Carrollton, Kentucky
Despite what the card says, these men aren't singing. The Sebree Tobacco Bed Burner


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
Standards Materials,
CooPar Quality Concrete Co,
Carrollton, 1956
Shell Station, corner of
 US 42 & Worthville Road


US 42

From a Facebook post by Carroll County Kentucky


Drive In

The Riverview
from a Facebook post by Mike Courtney

Riverview Drive-In opens, here.


Carrollton, Kentucky Carrollton, Kentucky
A boring aerial view, but you can see
the old Drive-In, in the upper right, 1962.
Metal and Thermit
Corporation April, 1958


Gobel Bell Chevrolet

Gobel Bell Chevrolet, at Highland and Court, with new police cruisers
From a Facebook post by Vicki Perkins Marsh

Wells Wells
Well's Chevrolet

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Minstrel's Wanted
The Freeman, August 29, 1914

“Carrollton, Ky., Dec. 19. - The Fiscal Court this evening bought the three remaining toll turnpikes in this county, a total of twenty-four miles at the price of $21,000.  The gates will be thrown open tomorrow.” The Earlington (Ky.) Bee, December 22, 1898 “The distilleries of Messrs. Root & Co., and Mr. Snyders, at Carrollton, were  destroyed by fire last night, together with all the contents and a large number of hogs.  The loss is estimated at $100,000.”  NY Times, July 8, 1854. A little more here.
An older history of Carroll newspapers is here. Carrollton's George Winslow written up here.
“The first shipment of 100,000 brick for the new capitol building at Frankfort was made by the Carrollton Brick Company last week, by barge, per steamer Mabel.” from the Warsaw Independent, May 5, 1906 “A sample of white sugar was on exhibition at the store of Hamilton and Smith on Saturday, May 29, 1869.  It was the first granulated and loaf white sugar ever brought to Carrollton.” 
 from a 1929  clipping from an unidentified newspaper
“J. B. Rollin's ice plant was destroyed by fire early today.  the loss is estimated at $8,000.  The fire was supposed to have been of incendiary origin.” 
Cincinnati Enquirer
, April 7, 1915
“A part of the woolen factory owned by John Howe & Sons was destroyed by fire to-day at one o'clock, while the hands were at dinner and the watchman left in charge.  the picker-house, about ten feet apart from the main factory, took fire and was entirely consumed,  Loss about $4,000, and insured for $2,700.”  Cincinnati Enquirer, November 23, 1878
Woolen Factory fire of 1878, here.
Owner of the Carroll House buys the Elm Tree House in 1869, here. Some labor statistics from 1917 Carrollton, here.
“The roller skating rink was opened to the public last Saturday night, about two dozen pairs of skates having arrived that day.  The rink has had liberal patronage since the opening and bids fair to be a great success.  It will be kept open every night until ten o’clock and will also be open during the day to those who desire to practice.  Wednesday was “ladies day” and the way the ladies pounded that floor was a caution.  The price of admission to the rink is ten cents and twenty-five cents for admission and the use of skates.”  Carrollton Democrat, January 17, 1885. “The initial number of the Carrollton Commercial has just landed on our table.  It is a neat, clean, seven-column folio, engineered by J. W. Broyles, at Carrollton, Ky.  It is Republican in tone and is dressed throughout in homespun, and, according to the salutatory it is like a patent pill: bound to benefit everyone who takes it whether he believes in it or not.  We wish Brother Broyles abundant success, and have placed the Commercial on the X list [for mutual exchange]. The Earlington (Ky.) Bee, December 22, 1898

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The 1880 story of the new flour mill is here.

The 1883 story of the opening of R. H. Stanton's new planing mill is here.

“At three o'clock in the morning, the large sawmill of Ginn & Stanton, in Carrollton, was burned, without a cent of insurance.  Loss, $10,000.  The origin of the fire is unknown.  It was one of the largest and best equipped mills in northern Kentucky.” from the Williamstown Courier, November 3, 1892

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