Trimble Scenes

Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes

Locations of one room
schools in Trimble Co., 1921-22
from the Trimble Co Historical Society

One room schools that were
consolidated into Trimble County
High School, 1932

Trimble County
 Board of Education
Their names are here


Morton School Morton School Morton School
Morton School   Baltimore School, Burkhardt Bottom Road

Read more about the Morton School.

  From Facebook posts by Bob Boyd



Milton School on School Hollow Road
October 3, 1928
From a Facebook post by Twisted Roots Genealogical Services

Trimble Scenes

The school at the left was built in
1913, and replace by the building at the right.
They were virtually  on the same site.

Trimble Scenes

Trimble County High
 School, 1916

Trimble County High


Girls BBall

Trimble County HS Girls' Basketball


Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes
Trimble Co H.S., en masse, 1917 Trimble Co Primary Students, 1917 Trimble Co H.S. Agriculture Class, 1917 Trimble County High School Gym


Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes
If you look through the Trimble County High School yearbooks, The Elbmirt, for the three or four years around WWI, there's only one person who rates an entire page for his picture not once, but twice; not the superintendent, not the principal, not a star athlete.  It's Uncle Jess, “the faithful,” the janitor.

Milton, Kentucky

Read about Maria Carter, a teacher at a Trimble County Colored School, whom they neglected to pay.  The story is here. A status report from the Superintendent of Schools in Trimble County from 1900 is here. 1907 is here.
Trimble County High School athletes, after the consolidation of Milton and Bedford Highs, were the Blue Demons. The Blue Demons of Bedford had worn blue and white, while the Milton Panthers had worn black and gold. A compromise on the colors yielded blue and gold. And on January 14, 1955, the student body voted Raiders as the school mascot. Speculation is that it was a result of Trimble County men who rode with John hunt Morgan in the Civil War.
The Liberty School House, 1848.  
What the 1920 Trimble County High School graduate studied is here. The Trimble County High School Fee Announcement, 1883, here.

“An election held in Bedford to take the voice of the voters as to the establishment of a graded school resulted in a vote of 19 majority in favor of the school.  There was a strong fight put up by some of the largest property owners.” from The Owingsville Outlook, September 17, 1903

Milton, Kentucky