Businesses on Monmouth


Monmouth, looking north.
That's the old library (se corner of 4th & Monmouth) on the far left.

Newport,Kentucky   Horse Shoers
J. Weingartner Planing Mill, Manufacturers of Doors Blinds & Sash, Dealers in Lumber, Shingles & Laths (This is an old photograph, which has two addresses on  the back, 305 Monmouth and 1027 Monmouth, and date 1876). Details about Weingartner's.   Winkler & Bonhajo, 109 Monmouth, c. 1890. Bonhajo disappears from later city directories, but Winkler listed his business in later years as a “horse shoer,” often a separate and distinct business from a blacksmith. He would later move his shop to 519 Monmouth.

Willenbrinks Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
1026 Monmouth
from a Facebook post by Sandy Thornton
Maerton Brothers Flour & Feed, c. 1890
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Oats, Corn, and Hay
283 Monmouth near Tibbets
The tin shop of Rudolph
Schneider, Sr.,
 c. 1880,
627 Monmouth


Kraus Kraus
Eugene Kraus
1035 Monmouth. Horse Covers, Tents, Tarpaulins
From a Facebook post by Bonnie Hoffman and Mike Flerlage
  Kraus Awnings entry in the 1915 Christmas Parade. Image is taken at the Wiedemann Brewery. From a Facebook post by Bonnie Hoffman


Daniel Fausz had a saloon at 9th & Monmouth in Newport.  Note his daughter Sophia on the right.
Thanks to Dean Gosney for this one. Genealogy on Fausz is at this site.


Newport,Kentucky   Newport,Kentucky
Colonial Theater, 943 Monmouth
Note Krogers on the right. (Barney Kroger lived at 624 Monroe, between Sixth and Seventh, and was married at Immaculate Conception in Newport.)
  The Strand, 1945
Opened in 1916, the Strand at 827 Monmouth St. in Newport was purchased by Gus Phillips in 1927 for $140,000. This was the site of Northern Kentucky's first “talking” movie, In Old Arizona, in 1929.


1916 Theaters

This is a list of movie theaters in Newport in 1916. Talking pictures didn't arrive until 1927, so you can see that ten years before “talkies,” silent film viewing was a thriving business in Newport.


The State The Hipp Newport,Kentucky
The State
716 Monmouth
from a Facebook post by Dan Edwards
The Hipp
711 Monmouth
From a Facebook post by Will Lack
Temple Theatre
Monmouth and Sixth



newThe Hipp was originally the Hippodrome, and opened on April 8, 1915. It suffered a number of minor fires, and a major fire in 1934 that gutted the old theater. The Hipp re-opened on October 10, 1934, with signage that reflected its nickname.



H. Minges & Son (Henry and Hugo)
Hardware store at 935 Monmouth.



Ebert's Meats, 2022


 Newport,KentuckyNewport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
Marx Furniture, 1912 Marx Furniture, 1956

See the Marx furniture catalog. (pdf)

The Monmouth Street Business District is on the National Register
of Historic Places. The application (pdf) contains lots of images, history, and architectural details.


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
Louis Marx & Bros. Furniture
840 Monmouth
Louis Marx & Brothers
(Louis, and brothers Milton and Simon)



Fred Miller's Lumber was at 1028 Monmouth.  No idea where this was taken.
Note the Marx Furniture ad on his umbrella.  1910.

Fred Miller's

Fred Miller's

A description of Fred Miller's from 1909 is here.

Veith Lumber

Veith Lumber , before Miller's


Dixie Chili

Dixie Chili is on the web here.


Becker's new Winkler's Winkler's
Becker Brothers Meats, 942 Monmouth, c.1930's
from a Facebook Post by Mike Becker
Gieskemeyer & Winkler's
1027 Monmouth.
Note the dog on a stretcher.
Dr. Jacob and Jack Winkler's
Small Animal Hospital,
1034 Monmouth
  from Facebook posts by Barbara Sparks Rawe


Enzweiler's Enzweiler's Enzweiler's
Two locations of the grocery of William Enzweiler. The one on the left was on the northeast corner of 6th and Overton. The center image was at the southeast corner of Monmouth and 4th. Note the Highland Dairy wagon on the left in the center picture. From a Facebook post by Enzweiler's grand-daughter, Jeanne Greiser


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
A. Ebert & Sons Meat Market
937 Monmouth Street

Lippert's Grocery
621 Monmouth,
1934. Names key.
From a Facebook post by Peter Shawn Roser

Pasteurizer, Feldman
 Milk and Dairy, 1898,
 642 Monmouth Street

Read more about Raymond Lippert and his business here. (pdf)


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
Eilerman's Mens Stores
Newport Store at 818 Monmouth
Thanks to R J Yoder for the image!
Eilerman's Mens Stores
Newport Store at 818 Monmouth
$8 Florsheim's
from Eilerman's
A Description of the Newport Eilerman Building is here.



The Fischer Brothers, Hardware & Farm Implements had three locations: in Covington, 1046 Madison;  in Newport, 729 Monmouth; and in Latonia, at 10 W. Southern.  In the image here, the Covington location is in the center/left.  We assume that's Newport on the right, and Latonia on the top.


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
603 Monmouth, c. 1930
Home of the Kentucky Division
of the American Automobile Club
Barker House Hotel, 1922
Ninth & Monmouth


Newport, Ky

Atlas Cleaners
Opened July 12, 1937
From a Facebook post by Old Photos of Newport


Gas Station

You're looking east, from Monmouth toward NewCath.
There's a strip mall and a bank on this site today.
From a Facebook post by Ken Broomall



Alber's Grocery, 1938
Sixth and Monmouth
From a Facebook post by Greg Eyler


Meister's Meister's
Meister's Dry Goods, 704 Monmouth
The picture on the left appeared in the Kentucky Post on July 10, 1958, along with a history of the business, as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. From a Facebook post by Dave Meister


Newport, Ky

Shopping Center Construction, July, 1955

new Newport Shopping Center Newport,Kentucky
Site prep at the shopping center.
from the Facebook page of the Newport Shopping Center
The shopping center in the early 1960's
from a Facebook post by Joy Friday
Walt's Bowling Center in the
Newport Shopping Center, 1959
Like a number of businesses in Newport, the shopping center was reportedly owned by the members of the Cleveland Four, Moe Dalitz, Morris Kleinman, Louis Rothkopf and Sam Tucker, members of what today we call organized crime.


Newport Shopping Center
There were two grand openings for the shopping center. The first stores opened in 1955, and they celebrated that, and then when all the stores had opened, they had another grand opening, as shown here. The ad is from a Facebook post by Barbara Sparks Rawe


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
Newport Shopping Center
 when it opened,  in 1955. 
Read more about that, here.
Two pics of the addition to the shopping center
 from 1981, before the  addition was built. 
 Kinda dull, but we see Frisch's in the lower left
 of the  picture on the left.



Neltner's, annotated
From a Facebook post by KOI Auto Parts


Neltner's Newport,Kentucky Newport, Ky
Neltner's, From a Facebook post by KOI Auto Parts Neltners, 1952
across US 27 from Newport
Shopping Center
Looking East 18th St./Neltners, November 19, 1954, to what's becoming the Newport Shopping Center
from a Facebook post by Bev Achzehner Harber


Fausz Bros. Fausz Bros.
Fausz Brothers Restaurant
from Facebook posts by Louise Mcgue



J. Schweitzer




812 Monmouth
from a Facebook post by Ron Hofstede


(the white car is a 1954 Kaiser)
from a Facebook post by Debbie McDonald Kolp

Frisch's Frisch's
from a Facebook post at Old Photos
of Northern Kentucky
The first (left, 1950) and last Frisch's at the sw corner of Monmouth & 19th. (there's a Speedway there in 2023). It was the first Frisch's in Northern Kentucky. Menu from a Facebook post by Barbara Sparks Rawe
Frisch's robbed in 1969, by burglars who leave a very polite note.



Herbies, before that, Scotty's
Roughly where there's a Penn Station now(2023), across from Walgreens.
100 years ago, across from the tollgate that stood where Walgreens is.

from a Facebook posting by Shirley Turner 


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
Deickman Candy Shoppe, 1922
708 Monmouth, Newport
Brauch's Bakery, 1922
628 Monmouth, Newport


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
Brutsche Millinery
7th & Monmouth
N. C. Davis, Millinery, 
623 York, 1907
Rose Landy's Millinery,
807 Monmouth, 1907



Newport,Kentucky Studebaker
Koehler Brothers Auto Sales, 231 Monmouth,
1 block from the end of the free bridge, 3 minutes from Fountain Square
Koehler's garage in the center image at 317 Monmouth.
Two images on the left from a Facebook post by John Thompson, and thanks to Jeffrey Schraer for identifying the garage location.


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
Crystal Chili, 1955 Campbell County Motors, Inc.
1028-32 Monmouth Street,
New Cars  -  new Trucks
Used Cars Used Trucks
“Our Greatest Aim  -  To Satisfy”


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
Two views of the same business.  Represented
 to us as “on Monmouth Street.”

Newport,Kentucky           Newport,Kentucky

John Steinhauser was a jeweler and watchmaker. 
 This store is believed to be at 141 Monmouth

W. F. Miller, Cutlery, Hardware & Guns 817 Monmouth Steelman and Wagner Wholesale and Retail Grocers
Nos 1006 and 1008 Monmouth Street
The Newport Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Offices at No 5 East Fifth Street
Knight & McGinniss,
Dealers in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Corner
Fourth and Monmouth Streets

Frances Scholle compiled a list of Breweries that existed in Campbell county. It's here (pdf).

Descriptions of four Newport Businesses from 1891.


Newport, Ky

From a Facebook post by Candi Thomas



This is a list of many - not all - Newport business in 1917, and lists the number of people each employed.
from the Twenty-Second Biennial Report of the Bureau of Agriculture, Labor and Statistics of Kentucky for 1916-1917.  The column marked "C" is for children



Newport Milling Co, c. 1901
1108 Monmouth


“Newport, Ky., Feb. 10. - At an early hour Wednesday morning, Newport was visited by a $10,000 blaze.  The fire almost totally destroyed the Wehenbold Milling Co.'s mill at 11th and Monmouth streets.  The sire started on the third floor of the mill from unknown causes.  It is thought, however, that it was due to spontaneous combustion.”  from Richmond, Kentucky's The Climax, Feb. 17, 1897. “Newport, Ky., July 19. - Fire started this evening in the oil room of Unnewehr's sawmill, probably caused by a gasoline explosion.  Within two hours the flames, fanned by a strong breeze, had spread two squares south and east two blocks.  The Covington (Ky.) and Cincinnati fire departments were called on and sent a number of engines.  Fifty families are rendered homeless.  Loss estimated to be between $125,000 and $150,000, with but comparatively little insurance.” NY Times, July 20, 1898.
“A firm in Newport lately shipped to Boston, Mass., 50,000 feet of poplar backing for picture frames, and 75,000 feet of drawer bottom material.” Courier-Journal, August 9, 1870 Canon explodes inside a Monmouth Street Bar.


Newport Papers
We know that there were at least these newspapers in pre-Civil War Newport. The dates represent issues that have been found, or referenced, not a start or stop date. The division symbols indicate also publishing after the war.


Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
We have no idea where in
Newport's Hooper and Ferris'
Nursery was located in 1846.
George Keller,
725 Monmouth,
1895, Telephone 4160
Stone & Veith
1030 Monmouth


H. Minges & Sons
940 Monmouth,
Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky Newport,Kentucky
Costigan & Roll Funeral Home, 1908 Old Brown  Jug Distillery C. Sinning,
Tea Caddies, 1886
Newport Sand Bank
1036 Monmouth