Trimble Scenes

Trimble Scenes

The Bedford Christian Parsonage, 1955


Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes
Peak - Mosley Home, Bedford


Norfolk, near Bedford



Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes
Fearn Home, near Milton The Cedars, Bedford

Fair Hope, near Sulphur

The five nice line drawings above are from the pen of Walter Kiser.


Slave Cabins

Slave Cabins from the Preston Place

Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes

The Old Hotel,

The Preston Home, 1916
The Preston Heirs
Contest the Will, at this site.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cook,
Bedford, 1953

A sale at Norfolk farm, owned by the Prestons, contained antiques that
belonged to Marie Antoinette? That's what it says here.

Trimble Scenes

Home of Archibald and Nancy Gatewood Bain (1821-1873) and
Archibald Spillman and Margaret Spillman (1942-1961), Bedford


Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes

  Starks Property near Bedford

Donna Stark tells us: “The log cabin that you have listed as Starks was ours. My grandfather and grandmother Daniel Hebron and Lucy Alice Lee Stark lived there. My daddy and his brothers and sisters were born there. The log cabin was built before Strother James Stark came to Bedford from Hardin Co. (Confederate Soldier) but he built a larger room on the lower side (south). To my sorrow, when my mother died our family sold the farm and the log house was sold for the logs by the buyer.”  Thanks for the update, Donna.


Trimble Scenes Trimble Scenes

Alexander and Martha Murphy Cook Home, 1918


Trimble Scenes

Slave Cabins near Milton

The Hunters Bottom Historic District's description, which has details of
many of its antebellum homes, is here. (pdf)

Milton, Kentucky