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Augusta City Officials,
Prominent Augusta
Citizens, 1897


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G. W. Given

Dr. T. S. Bradford

Durbin Ward


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Mr. Joseph Armer J. L. Ammer


Augusta Folks Augusta Folks Augusta Folks

Miss Harkison's Class, Christian Sunday School.   “Our Chautauqua (Wikipedia) starts June 24.”

WWI Enlistees from Bracken County.  Names here.

Bracken Equalization Board.  Key to men in the pic is here



John Fee
(September 9, 1816 – January 11, 1901)
Fee was born in Bracken County, but was run out of the county because of his anti-slavery views.
He went on to found Berea College.
His Wikipedia entry is here, and his autobiography can be read at this site.

Fee's account of his Bracken County days.

“Abram Williams, of Bracken county, Ky., died on Monday, the 1st instant.  Mr. Williams was born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, on the 13th of January, 1742.  He served in the Revolutionary War, and drew a pension at Lexington, Ky.  He has been a resident of this State for upwards of fifty years, and enjoyed tolerably good health up to his death.  He was in the one hundred and sixth year of his age when he died, and was much respected by his acquaintances.  He remarked on the day before his death, that he felt quite singular, but complained of no illness.”   Maysville Eagle, May 23, 1848, as cited in the Draper Papers, 29CC101.


Augusta Folks Augusta Folks

Unknown Bracken Folks
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Bracken County, Kentucky

Bracken County's Francis M. McMillen is Bracken County's only soldier to have received the US Medal of Honor.  Born on March 25, 1832, he got his medal by capturing the enemy flag in a Civil War Battle in Petersburg, Virginia on April 2, 1865.  He's buried in Washington Courthouse, Ohio. His Civil War diary, not online, is in the the manuscript collection of the J.Y. Joyner Library at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

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John Bradley

John Bradley


“Tom Tweed, recently an attache of the Bracken County Chronicle, was among those who fell with Custer.”
Courier-Journal, July 31, 1876


Devere Devere
Madame Devere at the Dime Museum

Jane Devere Jane Devere Jane Devere Jane Devere Jane Devere Jane Devere
Brooksville's Madame Jane (sometimes cited as Janet) Devere
The Kentucky Bearded Lady, more here. That's her husband Bill in the center image.


John Wood, goes to war in 1812, taken prisoner by the British, impressed on a British ship, sent to India, and eventually makes it back to New York, headed back to his home, Augusta, Kentucky.
Bartholomew Taylor came to Kentucky in 1796 James Armstrong obituary, (1785-1824) Hook Vs. Hook
Obituary of Wm. C. Marshall, 1869. From the memoirs of A. W. Doniphan. The Jetts.

“Miss Eliza A. Dupuy, of Augusta, Ky., has a new novel in the press. This lady is the authoress of The Conspirator, a Tale of Blennerhassett's Island, a novel which had an extensive circulation some two years since.” Godey's Lady's Book, September, 1845

Augusta Folks Augusta Folks Augusta Folks Augusta Folks
Mr. J. O. Stroube

Judge J. R. Minor

Dr. J. L. Yelton Maurice Hook

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Two Major League Baseball Players came from Bracken County

Moford Boudin Boudin
Brooksville's Herb Moford played for Tigers/Cardinals/Mets/Red Sox 1955-1962. His record is at this site. He started the first game the Mets ever played.   Germantown's Carl Edward Bouldin played for the Washington Senators, and a number of minor league teams. His record is at this site.

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