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Gallatin County, Kentucky                      Col. Robert Johnson was instrumental in getting Warsaw started, although when it actually came time to make it an official town, he had a partner, one Richard Yates. In 1815, they bought 200 acres and divided it into 172 lots, each 82 ½ by 99. Johnson took the 86 lots west of the State Road (Sparta Pike or Main Cross); Yates split his lands, all east of the State Road, with his brother-in-law, Henry Ellis.
Col. Robert & Jemima Johnson
A few words on Warsaw founder Robert Johnson, here, and here.
More on the Johnson family here. And don't overlook Jemima, a hero in her own right; learn why at this site.

Gallatin County names Robert Johnson their “Outstanding Pioneer.” Story here.

An account of Johnson coming to Kentucky in 1779.

“In April, 1784, Col. Robt. Johnson went out surveying in Fleming County. Daniel Boon [sic] was pilot. Crossed at the upper Blue Licks, where we saw 600 buffaloes. Dan'l Boon, and & Col. Johnson, stood by the river and counted 300 that we drove over to see them cross the [Licking] river. And they thought as many were left behind on this side yet.” from the Draper Papers


Johnson   Yates
Col. Richard M. Johnson,
son of Robert
His Wikipedia page is here.
His escaped slave ad is here.
  Gov. Richard Yates
His Wikipedia page is here.

Warsaw founders Johnson and Yates both had sons that became famous.

Col. Richard Johnson calls his militia from Henry, Gallatin, Boone, Campbell, Pendleton,
Bracken and Mason. Since Grant, Carroll, Trimble, and Kenton didn't yet exist, it's essentially
all of Northern Kentucky, to join him in the War of 1812. Read it here.

Read about the slave girl Johnson sold down the river here.


Gallatin Folks

Watermelon Eating Contest.  Entrants here.


Gallatin Folks

Mary Katherine McDanell Lowe tells us: “The picture you have of Bill McDanell standing by the wrecked car is my father, Everett McDanell. He was 8 years younger than Uncle Bill. If you notice he is wearing a mechanic cap, which I have seem him wear. He, Everett, later owned and operated the Sparta Garage. He worked for my Uncle Bill McDanell.”



Gallatin Folks


Gallatin Folks

Gallatin Folks
County Road Machinery
Tom Morris and Joe Eddie Miller
The men in charge of the celebration
 on the opening of US 42, October 29,
1930.  Names here.
from 1874


“In 1877, Martin H. Phipps, a well-to-do farmer of Gallatin County, Ky., almost insane because of a wayward daughter, left his home and family, determined to be a wanderer the remainder of his life. His family made every effort to ascertain his whereabouts, but were unsuccessful and gave him up for dead. A few days ago his son, still residing on the old farm with his mother, saw in the daily paper that M. H. Phipps of Shelbyville, Ill., had been allowed a pension as a Mexican veteran. He arrived here yesterday and found his long-lost father an inmate of the poorhouse. Phipps is now 77 years of age.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 12, 1888


Gallatin Folks

This is Lucy Dupuy Montz, Kentucky's first woman dentist.  A short bio is here.
Dr. Carl Bogardus wrote a longer piece, and you can read that here(pdf)


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks

Warsaw's Jim Blackburn was in the major leagues.  His record is at this site.


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks
Dr. Harlan Shupert Dean Richards, inside the
Brown Hotel
R. B. Brown and Frank Connely
 in their law office.


James B. Ireland

In 1897, to celebrate his 100th birthday, James Beatty Ireland remembers his life in Gallatin County.
Read it here (pdf). The image is from his spot in Ripley's Believe It or Not! (Wikipedia).


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks
Two unknown ladies in front
of the Brown Hotel. (You're
looking west on US 42)
Unknown Brown
 Hotel Waitress
unknown man
 on Main Cross


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks
unknown men Villa Hewitt and
Roy Anderson
unknown man on
US 42, in front of
Brown Hotel
unknown man

These eight were all taken in front of the Brown Hotel.  If you can identify any of them, please contact us.


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks
L-R, Ed Lamkin, Ike Watson,
W. R. Payne. J. W. Connley,
and George Winters
unknown gents
Both of these are looking east from the southeast corner of court house square.  The building behind them still stands, but had its second story removed c. 1960


In its issue of January 22, 1898, The Warsaw Independent ran a special issue highlighting the business people of the community. 
  Some had pictures, some didn't; two of the pictures had no bio's.

Gallatin Folks

H. T. Chambers

Gallatin Folks

Robert Wood

Gallatin Folks

George Snyder

Gallatin Folks

Lafe J. Spencer

Gallatin Folks
A. M. Speak

Gallatin Folks

Everett E. Winn
Gallatin Folks

William Newton Winn
Gallatin Folks

Dr. James S. Brown

Gallatin Folks

Judge Lindsay

Gallatin Folks

Col. J. J. Landrum

Gallatin Folks

J. H. McDanell & Sons

Gallatin Folks

R. B. Brown

Louis Gutting  Gregory & Graham Mrs. William Taaffe W. B. Lineback
The Commercial Hotel Warsaw Deposit Bank Bettie D. Catlett J. W. White
Benjamin F. Griffin G. T. Thompson Bailey and Rowett S. P. Griffin
Lindell Hotel Eagle Hotel Winters & White Dr. John T. Robinson
M. Marsh John W. Wilcher F. W. Wolff R. R. Russell
T. H. Kirby Cheap Cash Grocery Mountjoy and White S. B. Grubbs
Mrs. Sue Taaffe M'Dannell & Son's William Darneille  B. S. Landrum
  Dr. Samuel B. Robinson Cheap Cash Store  


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks
  This cannon was at what
was then the front of the
courthouse, left to right: 
Lan Gardner, Frank Allen,
George W. Winters, and Louis
R. Hall

A bio and and interview with
George Winters are here, and here.

Alva Dickerson and the
County Agent, c. 1940




Warsaw boys in front of
Hendrix-McDanell Motors,
June 19, 1932
from the left, Rex Wheeler, Harlan Shupert,
J. W. Spencer, Stewart Roberts



“Aunt Belle Tandy, an old colored lady, dropped dead at her home in Rat Row, Rising Sun, at the advanced age of 92 years. She was raised in Gallatin county, as a slave.” Indianapolis News, November 29, 1881,

Gallatin Folks  

Jennie Gano's poem on the death of Sparta's Ruth Ellis Carver

Obituary of Harry B. Clore, Warsaw, here Obituary of Dr. O. B. Yeager, Glencoe, here. Obituary of Dr. R. P. Thomas, Glencoe, here.
Warsaw's leading merchant in the late 19th century was Capt. J. H. McDanell.  His obituary is here. Ward Yager, from the 1930 Boone Co Recorder, here. An  interview with George Winters, who remembers the Civil War in Warsaw, here.
Retirement and obituary of B. F. Beall, here. Ohlen Stewart's obituary, here. James Ryle retires, here.
Obit of Revolutionary War vet Jacob White Peter Turpin is here. Former slave Uncle Irving dies at age 104.
Catherine Hart Hendrix, born in 1802, here. Rev. P. H. Duncan, here. Napoleon's D. K. Hon, here.
Napoleon's Dr. C. C. Violett. A remembrance of Elizabeth Jane Tolliver is here (pdf) Dr. Carroll Peak, formerly of Warsaw, here.
Jabe Craig A bio of Pearl Weldon is here. Napoleon's James Leonard Hendrix, aka Jim Polk Hendrix
Captain Wm. H. Kirby's obit is here. Confederate Veteran Col. Rod Perry's will makes interesting reading, here. A bio of John J. Landrum is here. (pdf)


This is the Gallatin County Delegation in August, 1927
Delegation to what? We have no idea...


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks
Col. John J. Landrum
More on Col. Landrum
 is here.  (pdf)
Glencoe's D. E. Castleman William Harris


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks

An early promotional flier for Attorney and Judge Ward Yager, of Warsaw, 1927

Going to the court house to see and hear people make excuses to try to get out of jury
duty with Judge Yager was, literally, a spectator sport in Gallatin County.
 Excusing people from jury duty wasn't something the good judge took kindly to, though
he dealt with it with great aplomb; word is, it was a sight to behold.

Judge Yager's piece from the 1930 Boone County Recorder Historical Edition is here.


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks
Marching Band in Warsaw. 
1930's? 1940's?
The Gallatin County  Band Boosters,
July, 1926. Personnel list here.



Melvin and Theodore Henry
From a Facebook post by Lisa Ferguson

Gallatin Folks

Seniors in the Army Reserve. 1956-57
Tommy Duncan, Douglas Sharon, Jimmy Harmon, Hardin Lowe


Gallatin Folks Gallatin Folks
Paying off an election bet,
people identified are:
Mr. Prill, Edward Rea, Bill Beverly, Dr. Harris, Robert Finnell, Judge Earl Spencer
The Brown Hotel Coffee
Club, c.1960


Gallatin Folks

Rev. G. W. Dupee
born in Gallatin County, his bio is here.

gallatin line

Death of Henry Johnson, Warsaw Barber, here.

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